What our agents are saying...


Some of the areas that the agents we have helped in the past identified as making the biggest impact on their business:


Time Management

We help agents work to THEIR schedule and design the ‘ideal week’. We help them plan their prospecting, appointments, and personal time to keep them on track with a good work/life balance


Lack of Accountability

Agents tend to struggle staying focused - we design daily/weekly/quarterly goals and targets with agents to keep them on task and focused on the actions they need to take to reach THEIR deal/income goals.


Lack of Leads

Struggling to find the client is a constant struggle for many agents - We provide lots of leads. We get many internet inquiries and as a team carry a large number of listings meaning lots of open houses available to attend and pick up qualified buyers! Not to mention great follow up plans for your past clients to nurture return business!


Lack of Knowledge

“We don't know what we dont know”  - With over 100 years of combined experience on the team, we have seen it all and can help you put any deal together. It is a very collaborative environment and all team members help each other. We also provide lots of ongoing training in areas you identify that you want to grow.


Lack of Support

Most teams and brokerages leave you to ‘fend for yourself’ We are invested in your success. We are looking for a win/win scenario. If your business goes to the next level then so does ours! We are there with you - from calling together to being shadowed on showings and everything in between until you have all the skills you need to put deals together quickly and efficiently!


Amazing Culture

This can be a lonely business - it’s easier when you’re part of a herd. We work and play together with monthly team events and yearly trips when we achieve our goals. 


So what are you waiting for? Join our work family!  If you have a strong desire to work and want to succeed, then we want to hear from you!

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