The Johnson Team is a growing real estate team located in Etobicoke servicing all of the Greater Toronto Area. Here at the Johnson Team, we maintain a customer-first attitude and ensure that they have the best possible experience. We are a close-knit, fun-loving, and hardworking team who are like family.

Some of the areas that the agents we have helped in the past identified as making the biggest impact on their business:


We assist agents in customizing their schedules and creating the perfect week. We assist them in organizing their lead generation, meetings, and personal time to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. 


Many agents find it challenging to maintain focus - we collaborate with them to establish daily, weekly, and quarterly goals and objectives to keep them on track and focused on the actions necessary to achieve their desired deals and income targets.


One of the major challenges that agents face is obtaining new clients - we offer an abundance of leads through various sources. We receive a large volume of online inquiries and our team holds an extensive number of listings, offering a plethora of open houses for agents to attend and find qualified buyers. In addition, we have well-established follow-up plans to cultivate repeat business from past clients.


"The unknown can be daunting" - Our team boasts a collective 100+ years of experience, enabling us to navigate and assist with any deal. Our working environment is collaborative and all members support one another. Furthermore, we provide continuous training opportunities in areas where individual growth is desired


Many teams and brokerages do not provide adequate support, however, we are invested in your success. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial situation. When your business prospers, so does ours. Our support includes everything from initial outreach to training and shadowing on property showings until you are equipped with all the necessary skills to close deals effectively and efficiently.


Real estate can be a solitary profession - being part of a team makes it less so. We work and play together with monthly team events and yearly trips when we achieve our goals. 


So what are you waiting for? Join our work family!  If you possess the drive and ambition to succeed, then we'd like to hear from you!

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