Preparing Your Home for a Baby: Expert Tips from The Johnson Team


Hello to all the new and expecting parents out there! The Johnson Team is your go-to resource for real estate advice in Toronto, and today we're talking about something that's very important to us: how to get your house ready for the birth of a child. And if your current space isn't quite up to the task, we'll also explore how to find a larger home to accommodate your growing family.


Why is Baby-Proofing your home so important?

Curiosity, which is what propels your precious bundle of joy when they first start to explore the world, doesn't distinguish between safe and harmful areas. We know the value of a prepared, baby-proofed home since we are real estate experts who have seen homes of all sizes and forms. Giving you the peace of mind you require to cherish these priceless moments is more important than simply ensuring your child's safety.


Room by Room, Baby-Proofing

Install furniture straps in the living room to hold down any big objects, including TVs and bookcases. Make sure windows have secure guards and that sharp edges and corners are covered with protectors. Also, watch out for tiny items that pose a choking risk.


Use childproof locks on cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. Kitchen utensils, small appliances, and potentially dangerous goods like cleaning supplies should all be kept out of reach. Additionally, a great purchase are stove knob covers.


Bathroom: Think about utilizing non-slip bath or shower mats and toilet lid locks. Always store any prescriptions, household goods, and toiletries in closed cupboards.


Nursery: To lessen suffocation hazards, avoid using soft bedding or storing plush animals in the crib. Instead, make sure the crib complies with the most recent safety regulations. Install window guards and cordless window coverings, and secure dressers to the wall.


Safety gates must be installed at the top and bottom of staircases and in hallways. Avoid electrical shocks by using outlet covers, and make sure there are no small objects on the floor that could pose a choking danger.


When to Consider Leaving Your Current Residence and Buying a Larger One

No matter how artfully you rearrange your space, there are instances when there simply isn't enough room to adequately house your expanding family. It could be time to think about relocating to a larger home if you frequently find yourself stumbling over toys in the living room, fighting for restroom time, or having trouble finding a quiet place for yourself.


Finding a place that can change with your family's changing demands is important when looking for a larger home to buy. Consider your needs with regard to the number of bedrooms and baths you require, the size of the yard for your kids to play in, the distance to reputable schools, and a safe, hospitable neighbourhood.


The Johnson Team has extensive expertise in assisting families in finding the perfect home. We consider not just your immediate demands but also the future growth and changes in your family.


Regular Upkeep Is Essential

Remember to constantly review and modify safety precautions as your child grows and develops after you've baby-proofed your home (new or old). Their skills will evolve quickly, and your house needs to adjust to keep up.


Final Reflections

We understand the difficulties and rewards of motherhood because we are both real estate professionals and parents. You may give your family a safe, cozy atmosphere by taking the required steps to baby-proof your home and taking moving into consideration if your current residence is no longer enough.


Just like homeownership itself, preparing your house (or a new one) for a baby involves thought, planning, and some effort. However, it's an investment in the security and joy of your family. The Johnson Team is always here to help you with your real estate needs. We really hope that this guide will aid you on your path.

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