How to Maintain Your Home While Away on Vacation

Even when you are on vacation, it is important to keep your home safe and well-maintained. Leaving your home unattended can be unsettling, but with proper planning and preparation, you can appreciate your time away in peace. In this comprehensive guide, we will share expert tips and strategies for maintaining your property while you're away, ensuring its security, and avoiding potential problems.


1. Protect Your Home

Before leaving on vacation, it is essential to secure your property and make it less susceptible to burglaries and other security breaches. Here are some essential measures you can implement:


Install a Home Security System

a. Investing in a dependable home security system to protect your home while you are away is prudent. Choose a security system that includes security cameras, motion sensors, and an alarm system. Ensure the system is professionally monitored to provide surveillance around the clock.


b. Enhance Door and Window Security

Ensure that all doors and windows in your home are adequately secured by inspecting them. Consider installing deadbolts, robust locks, and window security film on them. This additional layer of security can deter potential intruders and give you peace of mind while on vacation.


c. Coordinate Mail and Package Management

An overflowing mailbox or unattended shipments can alert burglars that no one is at home. Request a neighbour, acquaintance, or family member collect your mail and packages on a regular basis, or suspend mail delivery until your return.


2. Preserve Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The indoor and outdoor areas of your home must be properly maintained to prevent any damage or deterioration while you are absent. Here are some essential maintenance tasks to consider:


a. HVAC Equipment

Adjust your thermostat to a temperature that conserves energy while maintaining a comfortable environment. Before departing, clean or replace air filters to ensure optimal performance and prevent dust buildup. If necessary, consider scheduling a professional HVAC inspection.


b. Water and Plumbing Systems

Turn off the main water supply to prevent possible pipe leaks or ruptures while you are absent. In addition, drain the plumbing system by turning on the faucets and flushing the restrooms to remove excess water.


c. Electrical Appliances and Electronics

Unplug electrical appliances and devices that are not essential to prevent power surges and fire hazards. This includes televisions, computers, domestic appliances, and power supplies.


d. Indoor Plants

If you have indoor plants, you should consider relocating them to a location where they will receive appropriate care or ask someone else to water them regularly. This will ensure their health and preserve the beauty of your home.


e. Outdoor Maintenance

Mow the grass, trim the shrubs, and remove any overhanging or dead branches. Protect outdoor furniture, barbecues, and other equipment from severe weather or theft by securing it.


3. Engage Trusted House Sitters or Pet Sitters

Consider engaging trustworthy house sitters or pet sitters if you have pets or prefer to have someone physically present in your home during your absence. These individuals can provide additional security and care for your pets, vegetation, and other necessities.


4. Inform Dependable Individuals

Inform dependable neighbours, acquaintances, and family members of your travel plans. Request that they keep a watch on your property and provide them with your contact information. Thus, they can promptly disclose any suspicious activities or emergencies.


5. Employ intelligent home technology

Utilize the remote monitoring and control capabilities of smart home technology. By controlling smart security systems, automated illumination, and smart thermostats via mobile apps, you can simulate occupancy and increase security.


6. Verify Insurance Protection

Examine your homeowner's insurance policy to determine the coverage it provides while you are away. Ensure that your insurance policy covers theft, vandalism, and any other potential hazards. Consider enhancing your coverage if necessary for added peace of mind.



Taking the necessary precautions to maintain your property while you are away is essential for its safety and health. By securing your property, implementing preventative measures, and enlisting the aid of trusted individuals or technology, you can enjoy your vacation without unnecessary anxiety. Plan ahead, create a checklist, and enlist the assistance of professionals if necessary.

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