Mark Carvalho,


Mark Carvalho is an experienced real estate professional with a wealth of knowledge gained from his background in accounting, construction, and real estate investing. Graduating from York University with a degree in accounting in 1999, Mark spent 10 years working at various Chartered accounting firms, where he gained valuable experience in personal tax, corporate tax, consulting, and audit work. During this time, he obtained his CGA designation, which has proved invaluable in his real estate career.

In 2003, Mark's passion for construction and development led him to work on several multi-million-dollar real estate projects. It was during this time that he gained valuable insight into the trades and learned the practical aspects of the construction industry, which he later applied to his real estate career. In 2006, Mark obtained his realtor license and began his career in real estate.

Over the years, Mark has won numerous Re/Max awards, including the 100% club, Platinum Club, and Hall of Fame award. His unique background in accounting and construction sets him apart from other real estate professionals and gives him a unique perspective that is highly valuable to his clients. As a CGA, he was responsible for corporate tax, personal tax, audits, and business valuations, which gives him a deep understanding of financial matters related to real estate transactions.

Mark's ability to speak Portuguese is an added advantage, as it allows him to connect with a wider range of clients. His long-term approach to real estate, combined with his practical outlook, makes him an ideal partner for clients who are looking for a trusted advisor to guide them through the real estate process.

In addition to his work as a real estate professional, Mark is also an investor in real estate. He has helped many of his past clients get started with investing and has guided them through the process of handling tenants and resolving issues.

Born to Portuguese immigrants, Mark learned the value of hard work at an early age. He used that drive to help pay for his university education through his job in construction. Today, he is known for his professionalism, hard work, patience, and honesty with clients. He understands that this business is based on relationships and that trust and candour are the keys to his continued success.

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