By: Jeff Johnson

They're Back!

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  What are we talking about?  We are talking about multiple offers.   So, everyone is saying, how can multiple offers be back when the market is supposed to be lousy? All you hear these days is the market is lousy, the market is lousy, the market is lousy.  Here is the reality: everyone, as I've said before, wants to be in the T-dot.  They want&nb...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

February's Numbers Are In

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Hi Everyone, February's numbers are in and I just want to give you a break down of what they look like. The media has been full of negativity so I'm going to bring you back to reality.   In 2018, we sold 5,175 houses in Toronto. That number is down 34.9% from 2017. The new listings, which is all of the new listings that came on the market, was 10, 520 which is up 7.3% from last year....Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

Three Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Buying A Home

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Today, I want to tell you the three biggest mistakes buyers make when buying their first home or any home. Buyer mistake #1: Not Getting Pre-approved Now, a lot of people wonder why we should bother getting pre-approved, what are the advantages and disadvantages? In my opinion, the only disadvantage anyone has ever said is that there is a credit check on my credit report. That is a minor blip, th...Read More