By: Jeff Johnson

I Can't Afford The Home I've Always Wanted!


Hey Everyone,  Have you been thinking that you will never be able to afford the house you always wanted?   The inventory in the current market is suited for buyers. As I mentioned in my last video, properties are averaging 30 days on the market and selling at 100% of list price. This means there is an opportunity for you to get the home you never thought you could buy. So I encoura...Read More

By: The Johnson Team

Tuesday's Tips And Tricks With Ian Luz

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Hi everyone! My name is Ian and our team has been doing quite a few tips for buyers and sellers. Since we are focusing on buyers today, I think the first tip I can give some of these potential buyers is: write down a game plan. You know, create a profile about yourself. Are you a first time home buyer? Are you upsizing?  Downsizing? Perhaps you are an investor, what kind of investor are you?...Read More

By: The Johnson Team

Meet our Admin Team!

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I want to introduce two of our team members: Maryann and Jared. They are the backbone of The Johnson Team, these guys make us look good. Not only are they are good looking, but they make us look good. Maryann is in charge of operations and Jared is in charge of our marketing. I just wanna give you guys the inside scoop on what they do to make us all look good.   Maryann prepares the listing p...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

Top Three Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

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Hey everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great week. Today I was being asked a lot on Facebook and our other social media channels: What are the best ways I can increase the value of my home before I think about selling? Here are my Top Three Tips and Tricks. Number 1. This is the easiest and the most cost effective: PAINTING. A lot of houses that we walk into have loud vibrant c...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

May's Numbers are in!

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Hi Everyone, May's numbers are in.  So I’m going to give you the monthly numbers update.    Sales for May 2017, there were 10,066 homes sold.  In May 2018,  it was 7,834 which is a change of 22% down from last year. New listings, last year there was 25,000, almost 26,000 new listings that came on the market.  This year, it was 19,022 so there&rsqu...Read More

By: The Johnson Team

Searching For Properties Online

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Today I want to talk about what you should be aware of when looking for properties online.  We often have people say to us, “I want to start my search online, I want to look online, I’m just looking...” I think the internet is an excellent place to look.  It is an excellent tool for us as realtors to help you see what is available in different neighbourho...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

March’s Numbers Are In!

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Hi everyone, It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year, time to talk about the numbers.  So, March’s Numbers are in.  It’s not March Madness, it’s not the top 16, or sweet 16.  But it is the numbers for the Toronto Real Estate Board.  First, I will lay out the numbers for you and at the end, I will give my analysis.  ...Read More

By: Jeff and Liz Johnson

Should You Buy First Or Sell First?

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   Should I buy first or should I sell first?  This is something that we get asked all the time. I have a very special guest today, my beautiful wife Liz, who is going to explain to you how she deals with that question when she’s on listing presentations because she gets asked that a lot.     Well, I would say, obviously every situation is different.  Th...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

They're Back!

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  What are we talking about?  We are talking about multiple offers.   So, everyone is saying, how can multiple offers be back when the market is supposed to be lousy? All you hear these days is the market is lousy, the market is lousy, the market is lousy.  Here is the reality: everyone, as I've said before, wants to be in the T-dot.  They want&nb...Read More

By: Jeff Johnson

February's Numbers Are In

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Hi Everyone, February's numbers are in and I just want to give you a break down of what they look like. The media has been full of negativity so I'm going to bring you back to reality.   In 2018, we sold 5,175 houses in Toronto. That number is down 34.9% from 2017. The new listings, which is all of the new listings that came on the market, was 10, 520 which is up 7.3% from last year....Read More